What is GLAD?

NTC Project GLAD is a model of staff training for language acquisition. Teachers are trained to modify the delivery of instruction of students to promote academic language and literacy. Project GLAD has two components:

1. The first component is the “what” of the language acquisition model

The “what” is that the Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) provides an organizational structure for an integrated, balanced literacy approach. The integration of listening, speaking, reading, and writing into all content areas as well as the interrelation of science, social studies, and literature underscores research that language is acquired most effectively when the emphasis is on meaning and the message. Language, any language, should be acquired while studying something of interest or real life use.

2. The second component is the “how” of the staff training

  • Theory and Research
  • The Demonstration Lesson
  • Element 3: Follow-up and Coaching
  • Element 4: Trainers

Project GLAD stands for and promotes an educational setting that produces effective, literate citizens of a global society. It is a model of respect for diversity not only in language and ethnicity, but, also, in thinking, learning, and personal experiences. It provides support for teachers and students alike to face change and success effectively and confidently.